Music Mile

Calgary’s New #MusicMile

9th Avenue SE in Inglewood and East Village has become a mecca for live music. It’s historic, trendy and buzzing with musical energy. From the Blues Can to Studio Bell, home of the much-anticipated National Music Centre, it’s a mile-long stretch of great music venues and outdoor festivals.

Gravity is part of the Music Mile and host to a wide range of musical guests throughout the week.

Family Owned Business

We are focused on providing a relaxing ambient environment for our guests to tune out the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you want to relax alone with a cup of coffee or share a bottle of wine and a cheese platter with friends, Gravity has the perfect setting.

We are a high-end coffee bar that complements our exceptional coffee and pastry products with a well-selected wine and beer menu; this menu is beautifully paired with savory cheese products.


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