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Food, coffee, community, and live music

At Gravity, we are passionate about many things. From food to coffee to community, and how it can all be brought together by music. For this reason, we provide our café as a live music venue in Calgary for those who share our love of music. Our unique and intimate atmosphere offers the perfect space for an evening of live music. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are just a few reasons why you should get out and listen to live music:

Support local musicians

Being a musician is very much like owning a café. The café owner puts a great deal on the line financially to open and provide its guests with the perfect cup of coffee, food and ambiance.  Although a musician may not have to lay out the same money-wise, they spend hour upon hour perfecting their craft in order to entertain and move your emotions. They are pursuing their passion and showing their love for creating. Demonstrating your support builds their confidence and gives you the chance to watch their ideas come to bloom. Whether you’re new to their sound or a faithful follower, they work hard to find ways to connect with everyone in the room.

Sense of community

There is a profound connection between a group of people sharing the same space and enjoying the same performance. You can be surrounded by strangers but connected through a sense of community and love, joining all ages, backgrounds and cultures through a live music set. If you haven’t tried Gravity for an evening of music when it’s dark outside, then check it out. Dimmed lights, rustic feel, wooden tables and an intimate setting make it a must try.

Get lost in the experience

Need a break from the stresses of everyday life? Sit back, relax and let the rhythm and energy take you on an inspiring and powerful journey. No two live music performances are alike. There are so many live music venues to attend in Calgary and although live music has seen a dip in attendance since the economic downturn, the level of talent has continued to grow. Now more than ever is your chance to chose the live music acts that suit your tastes.

Makes a great date night

A casual evening of live music creates a positive and inviting atmosphere and is the perfect way to spend time with a loved one or group of friends. Pair great company with wine and a cheeseboard, or craft beer and desserts, and it’s a match made in heaven. Or, really go out on a limb and take a first date to a live music night – how about that for a first impression.

Calgary’s Music Mile

Gravity is in the heart of Calgary’s Music Mile, a fantastic live music strip that runs along 9 Ave SE from Studio Bell (home of the National Music Centre) to the Blues Can in Inglewood. The idea for the Music Mile was coined in Gravity by local Inglewood resident and musician Bob Chartier.  After a road trip to Nashville and Austin, Bob wanted to create an area in Calgary that could rival live music venues in those cities.

Named as the unofficial Mayor of the Music Mile, Bob now helps run what has now become a local not-for-profit. The Music Mile offers a variety of venues for live music performances of all genres year round. And with Gravity hosting live music 4 to 5 times per week, there’s usually something going on! Inglewood also boasts great one-of-a-kind shops to explore; grab a coffee and take a stroll before the live music begins!

Because science

A recent study out of the U.K. finds that attending a live music gig every two weeks can help you live longer. A short 20 minutes of live music regularly has a profound impact on the body and mind and increases feelings of wellbeing – which could extend life expectancy by nine years! So why take the risk of skipping a live music event?

Netflix “or” chill

Netflix is cool on cold winter nights or when the babysitter is busy, but getting out to a show for some live music can be far more satisfying than sitting on the couch at home. Chilling out at a music venue can be just as relaxing as staying at home!

Why Gravity

Live music at Gravity has been a part of our fabric since the day we opened the doors in March 2012. We have gone through many iterations of how we stage our music, and are now pleased to say that we make every commitment to book live acts five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday. From folk music to jazz, from classical music to rock to singer/songwriter, we host local and travelling musicians and have something for everyone!

Visit our Live Music page see who’s playing and when. You can also sign up for Gravity’s weekly newsletter for details on upcoming acts. Remember to call Gravity to make a reservation and come along and support great musical acts! We’re waiting to welcome you!

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